Cynthia F.
Miami, FL
Joined August 2019
I am Wife, mom of 2 active boys, medical professional wanting to explore and enjoy Gods beautiful creation one campsite at a time.
First time camping

Anastasia state park was a great first time camping experience. When you come in you meet the rangers at the front gate they were very nice and welcoming. . They give you a map and explain where the campsite is , the paper they give you has important phone numbers and the rules of the park. Our campsite is in a loop with a total of six campsites. It was very clean, the campsites have trees surrounding them also a canopy of trees blocking out the sun so it’s not too hot during the summer. We camped in August so it was hot but not unbearable. We had 3 neighbors who were quiet and respectful of noise after 11. The bathrooms are very close to each campground, they are very clean. The janitorial services are there early morning and at night , they do an amazing job. We went kayaking and saw dolphins, sea turtles , ospreys and all kinds of fish. The view from the water sports bay was beautiful. There are also other water sport options if you don’t care to kayak. There are nature trails and the ranger has educational talks at specific times in the day. The beach was beautiful we went to see the sunrise and during the day and at night to look at the moon. There is a restaurant in the park near the beach if you don’t want to grill. The restaurant is also a small shop if you need something. There are also food trucks right at the entrance of the park. We went to dinner our last night in the beautiful little town of St. Augustine. Overall we had a great time the only thing I would change is camping instead during the fall and winter weather, less mosquitoes and cooler temperatures.