HORRIBLE experience, Rip-off "conscienceless" Parking

We paid$3.5 for 1 hr parking at Ticket machine, parked where everyone/car parked, placed the paid receipt on Dashboard, spent just roughly 25 mins exploring the Beach, came back 20 mins before Paid Parking expired at 4:46pm, and received$75 CITATION($95 if not paid within 10 days). 

We sent photos of paid Parking and Citation to Tybee, politely asked to void the Citation, reasoning if someone honestly paid the Parking time, that person had no intention to do anything not legal unless didn't know, paid attention, etc due to being a Tourist, then a"Warning" or"Notice" should be given, not a Citation(as it is only meant for deliberate violation). Request declined! 

We really made BIG mistake this“single time” since many times in the past we always went to Hilton Head Island(visited Savannah 4 times and only went to Tybee this time) even though Georgia residents. Right after the Citation, we kind of get feeling it was deliberately exploited at visitors, we decided to leave Tybee right away without spending a single more penny(had reservation at A-J Dock restaurant). As mentioned, we paid 1 hour but left the Beach after just 25 mins since the Beach was smelly, shallowed, the farthest ends of the piers were not in water at the time because they were short, etc. 

We’ll continue go to Hilton Head(free parking, clean Beach, showers, more upscale, etc) and similar advice to anyone visiting the Savannah surroundings and want a Beach. This one-time mistake(visiting Tybee Island), for us, would mean(to our hearts) never ever again with Tybee!