Brian H.

Palm Harbor, FL

Joined May 2019

Horrible place to stay

The only good thing about this place is location. There are more great locations that are much better and cheaper. Chris, the crazy manager makes people uncomfortable and stalks them if he doesn’t like them. He was caught banging and throwing rocks at someone’s RV at 3am because he wanted her to leave. He has turned people’s water off if he thinks they use too much. He has trapped many pets on site and disposed of them if he doesn’t know who’s it is. He is a spiteful person who throws a fit if he doesn’t get his way. The park is old and most of it is falling apart. He rents out moldy, leaking and way out of code RVs. He chased out most of the full time RV owners because he wants people he can charge more for. I went through there the other day and it’s just as crappy as ever.  It looks like he is allowing new full time people in there after he raised the rent. Don’t use water, clean your unit or car. Don’t use power tools to work on anything or he will yell and tell you it’s against the rules. They do and will change the rules day by day as he sees fit. It’s just better to go elsewhere to avoid the conflict. Chris does drugs, and has regular sellers in the park. Has an extensive police records and is know well by the police. His wife even told people that he assaulted her before. He supposed to be disabled (he has a disabled tag in his car) but it’s obvious he has no disability other than anger and he thinks he is the “King of Tarpon Springs) along with other thoughts of grandeur. We have had out RV and our property damaged by him or people he hired and he doesn’t care at all. He said it’s my problem. I can go on and on but you get the point.  Stay away!