Arturo T.
Oxon hill, MD
Joined January 2020
A&T adventures

Hello all The A&T adventures team would like to first thank you for taking the time to participate and engage in the teams upcoming adventure. The objective is to send a modern family in todays urban based society having most of all luxuries in todays livelihood stripped aways for 365 days. 1 full year. All 4 season’s and obstacles Mother Nature can swing their way. The goal is the gather as much survival and outdoor living gear as possible before the start date. Once the team is in the forest location they will only be allowed to use the items gathered to survive 365 days. While doings so the team will be conducting real obstacle and usage review videos on the sponsored items. The entire project will be recorded, edited and placed on YouTube and a few other pending streaming platforms. The overall experience would showcase what are the best methods, tools and gear to invest in. Also how the items will stand up to any and all scenario’ will also simulate a Comedic twist on how today’s Generation would survive if ever being blasted in the dark age’s. #ubran2primal If you would love to support, sponsor, and or donate please contact the team via email and follow the adventure on all platforms @ubran2primal.