Amy S.

Ham Lake, MN

Joined August 2019


Beware!! The owners will try to scam you with prices!!! We booked for one day and paid in full at the time of reservation; approximately one month prior. We even received an email confirmation with price. Upon arrival they told us they made a mistake with our cabin price and said we owed 30% more. When I showed proof we paid in full, the female owner became incredibly argumentative and stated too bad that is the price! I told her we were only paying for what they quoted us when we had PAID IN FULL! Then she says“Fine, I will give you a deal and we can meet in the middle or I will send you to a smaller cabin than listed in the confirmation email”. She was incredibly argumentative, condescending and rude and went on and on! I reiterated this cabin was chosen due to its proximity to my sister and moving us was also not acceptable. It’s clear they run the business completely disorganized! It took her digging around for 15 minutes to find our information then returned and argued even more with me. She refused to understand the point that her poor business practices were not the visiting consumers fault. What she also didn’t realize was that my sister was also staying at one of their other cabins and had been there for 5 days prior and guess what…exact same thing happened.. upon arrival they told her the bill was 30% higher than what was told over the phone when making the reservations and she had booked it 7 months prior to me!! Owner used the exact same excuse..“it was my employee Ross who made a mistake”. Unfortunately his mistake cost my sister another$350! I find it remarkably incompetent that they have Ross make the same reservation intake mistake in January(sisters booking dates) that employee Ginger did in July(my date of booking it). My advice to ANYONE staying here if you even DARE to roll the dice on your vacation, MAKE them confirm the price per day in an email, make them email you the amount you put on deposit and make them email you the remaining balance due at arrival and THEN be prepared to have to find a new place to stay at the very last minute when your exhausted and tired because the owners could care LESS that their employees made mistakes(even openly admitted this to us) and decide to not honor any words they state. Not even worth the hassle in my opinion and the owner had the audacity to blame it all on us and slam papers and things around the counter… AFTER she said her employees had been making mistakes in reservations lately! She was defensive and rude for THEIR mistakes and totally takes it out on YOU! Total shit show there… and with the vast selections of places in the area to stay at, I recommend selecting a place that has integrity and honesty.