Amy B.
Seattle, WA
Joined August 2019
Too crowded and noisy

I’m not sure why this campsite has such good reviews. The area is incredibly gorgeous, but the campsite is so crowded and noisy. Everyone is on top of one another. The sites themselves are quite small, the tables aren’t made of real wood so you can melt them if you put a hot pan on them, there was music blaring the whole night, there were people everywhere, and the jets that fly over head are so loud it’s impossible to talk or sleep. 

The reservation system is so weird too. We arrived after the host stand closed so we took a picture of the “reserved” site list, found a spot that was empty and not on the list so we assumed it was not reserved. We paid for the site at the camp store and were told we were good to stay for the night. Turns out, someone actually had reserved the site for that night and the next three nights. Luckily, their friends who were coming weren’t going to arrive til the next day and they let us stay. But there was no way to know the site was reserved. There was no signage at the campsite and it wasn’t posted on the list and on top of that, the campground ended up getting paid twice for the same spot. 

The area is so beautiful, it was sad to not have that quiet, out of the city camping experience. 

That being said, at least everything was clean. 

If you’re looking for wilderness and peace and quiet, you will not find it here.