Amurican L.


Williston , ND

Joined July 2020

I’m just an American veteran man with family in tow exploring the great US of A. I love to travel and see all that is out there! No narrow minds here, nothing but wide open spaces!

Watch out for beauty and the bears!

What a beautiful site with plenty of elbow room between you and your neighbor. I wish we could have stayed longer. The staff was super helpful and nice. We enjoyed the peacefulness and the area in general. The only thing that was not on our side was nature! It rained the whole time! However we will be back to properly check this block because it was a beautiful area.

I rated a 4 star because the dump site is very tight, and lacking. That was the only thing on this campground I feel needed some work.

Great area!

It’s a national forest...

This site is conveniently close to many beach attractions. To compare it to the local RV sites it so great in the aspect you are not on top of each other. The site itself for it being on “national park/forest land,” is “ok.” But in comparison to other national parks or federal land, it is barely a 3 star. It struggle in cleanliness and upkeep. The facilities are at best an “ehhh it’s food enough.” There are nice people here though that are making an honest effort, and who can argue with this places excellent location?

Friendly and helpful in a time of need

We came here the day we sold our house in Fayettville. Covit19 had just hit so the campground we had reserved fell through and couldn’t get tenants to leave because they were scared. We were in for a surprise, Fayetteville RV resorts welcomed us with open arms and put us under a long term clause so we couldn’t get thrown out if they shut everything down. 600 a month is more than reasonable for the area. The staff is super and they keep the camp ground top notch.

The bathrooms were immaculate. The Landry rooms were great, little expensive but I get it, they are high maintenance with all the visitors. The hiking trail had all kinds of wildlife and a small damn on it. We walked it every day for 2 months and it was great. All the neighbors in the long term area were like family. I loved this place! They will not disappoint!

Clean truth here!

The camp around this area is very plain. And when I’m mean plain I mean the GREAAAT Plains! We had a whole bunch of fun learning about the camp and General Custard. There is a bunch of history and many happy faces in this area. Everything you would need here is only a stone throw away. We enjoyed all the surround community and the bike/hiking trails the most.

If I were to do one thing over, I would have stayed here for more than 4 days. Much to do and see.

Rangers! Park Rangers Everywhere !

Lewis and Clark didn’t seem like much, but as soon as we got settled in the Park rangers checked on us. They did patrols all the time around and were super friendly! We had one storm while we were there and they gave us the emergency plan as fast as they could. Most campgrounds could care less, they assume you know the deal. I commend the staff at this place, it’s what true North Dakota’s do for each other.

We also had plenty of space in our campsites and the area is super clean. The trails and the beach were quite exciting as the nights that were clear had the Aurora borealis in the background. So beautiful.

First to Review
Great for a pitstop

I’ll tell you this is like a quick weekend place if you need one on a trip somewhere else. I will say we stayed a week and it was very well priced compared to anyone in the area. There isn’t much grass or room anywhere at this site, you are literally parked on people if you have anything over 30’ it’s a struggle. The people here are very nice I cannot take that away from anyone the biggest issues is the space at this facility. The price and location is wonderful! Lots of things to do in the area and within distance of great hiking trails and waterfalls!

Beauty is in the Brave!

While traveling through the Big Horn Mountains we stayed at this gem! Holy smokes there were a lot of negatives… No cell service, thin air, wild animals….

And then… the Adventure began! This place was so beautiful, you truly did not care about cell service or any of that, the owners of the facility were so accommodating! The BBQ served on site was enough to forget what day it was! So delicious! We also were able to get some “locals only”locations to some beautiful scenery and waterfalls! We also got to see so much wildlife it was the feeling of a great feeling of wholesomeness! This whole area was jaw dropping! If you ever have time drop by and stay at this facility and ask them where to go and what to do. Your life’s creature comforts can wait when you get here! Get out and have a look!

Deep in the Heart or Tennessee!

Snuggle deep in Ragland bottom Tennessee this nice Corps of Engineer campground is nestled. The campground is very well-kept. With plenty of room on the camping pads for all types and sizes of RVs. The area is absolutely stunning and beautiful.  it is also within a close distance of Sparta Tennessee and has many local convenience stores in the area.

Very well kept

I was thoroughly impressed with the upkeep of this area. The campground is well maintained and has plenty of hiking area, fishing area, and playing/swimming area for children. Everything at this place was decent. The only thing I would change is the ONE dump station for this massive campground. Corps of Engineers to well on this place!

Blackhawk a humbling experience

We had and absolute blast at this national park! The Blackhawk monument is one of a humbling experience. Sad to hear how it all happened.

None the less the fishing was awesome. The people were great, plus you are in distance of 3-4 states within 30 minutes you could be to anyone! The staff check on you and maintain the grounds very well. I only dropped a star because the swimming area is very mediocre. The rest, very good!

Space—-and lots of it!

I throughly enjoyed this park. Very affordable and plenty of room between campers. We had so much fun riding bike and viewing the river!

We viewed the Custard House and it was very interesting as well, it’s a must see!

This site was very quiet and the park rangers are always patrolling it felt very safe here.

Wow- this gem was discovered

Talk about a nice hideaway! We found this site Googling free campsites. It is not free it is $15 a night with full hookups! 50amps! My wife and I were so happy to find this place tucked away in the town of Hendrum, MN.

I only took away a star since the facilities are closed and the mosquitos are vicious! There is only room for about 3-4 campers so call in advance for a spot! It is well worth it!