This post is brought to you by our friends at Nature’s Coffee Kettle, who make it simple to bring the most important part of breakfast on the trail. The following backpacking recipes will taste even better next to a gourmet cup of java, brewed right in the bag you buy it in. 

Packing light for the backcountry doesn’t make breakfast any less important. Sure, you’re limited by what you can carry in your backpack, and you’re not going to bring all the fixin’s for something super fancy. But you’re also trying to fuel big days of activity — and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor to do so.

Freeze-dried meals and no prep breakfast bars are obvious choices. But if you’re not going to be backpacking for weeks on end, and you have the flexibility to carry a few extra ingredients, treating yourself to a hearty, delicious breakfast on the trail can make it a lot more exciting to get out of your tent in the morning.

Breakfast Backpacking Recipes That are Full of Flavor

Here are some delicious and nutritious backpacking recipes for breakfasts that fuel a big day on the trail:

Oatmeal 2.0

For so many adventurers, oatmeal is the piece-de-resistance for their morning meal. I don’t know what all the hype is about, but I do know that adding next level fixings can take your oatmeal from blah to bladow! Think about your favorite treats: hot chocolate, peanut butter cups, trail mix. Use those ingredients to create your morning oat concoction. My personal favorite: freeze dried blueberries, honey, chia seeds, and cashews. Get some ideas for next level oatmeal, here.

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Breakfast Burrito

Who says you can’t have it all on a backcountry excursion? If you have time, chopping vegetables the day before your trip can make for the most scrumptious of breakfast feasts — the breakfast burrito. Pre-scramble your eggs with any herbs you enjoy and store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Pour the eggs over your backpacking skillet, add in some cheese and any additional toppings you snuck in your pack, and dump it all into a tortilla. For extra protein, throw in a slice or two of ham (or spam, if that’s what you’re in to). For some Omega 3’s, add avocado.

We love Backpacker Magazine’s suggestion to bring a can of refried beans and chiles. Get the recipe, here

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Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast? Pancakes are one of the easiest and simplest backpacking recipes to make. Measure the dried pancake mix (try Kodiak Cakes for added protein) into a plastic bag ahead of time, and add some cinnamon. Once you’re ready to make breakfast at camp, add water, and cut a hole in one corner of the bag. Squeeze enough batter out to make pancakes the size of your liking. Need some extra caffeination? Pour half of your Nature’s Coffee Kettle into the batter for coffee pancakes. Get the recipe, here

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Egg Scrambles

Egg scrambles are the perfect choice for a solid dose of protein. They’re also fully customizable, which adds to their appeal. Besides the eggs (which you can also purchase freeze-dried), the other ingredients don’t need a refrigerator, like bell peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes. You can even throw in some instant potatoes to thicken up the mixture, then use the rest for dinner.

This vegetarian scramble from Fresh Off the Grid includes sundried tomatoes and freeze-dried spinach, both of which are light and convenient to bring with you.

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