Zamberlan Boot Sole Width Question

Hi All,
First post here, so thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.
I wear men’s 11 in every boot I have. Currently those are Lowa Renegade, Merrill Moab 3 mid, Keen Targhee II mid, Oboz Sawtooth, and Asolo 520. Every sole measures 4 1/2" at the widest point. I am looking at a pair of Zamberlan boots for something heavier (my 520’s are about trashed). I was checking out an 11 (45H) 960 Guide GTX online (used) and the seller has photos of the soles with a measuring tape…4". Length is normal for size 11, and the insert width is also normal. Size tag shows 11 as well. How is that possible? Even my size 11 trail runners and my regular shoes are 4 1/2". I can understand being an eighth of an inch off but not a full 1/2". Is there something I am missing here?
Thanks so much All!