You have one weekend to do anytrip in the state, where do you go?

I’d personally spend a weekend up in the marble mountains, really gorgeous and some good fishing. you?

I’m sure my answer would change year to year with different experiences, but I’d love to do Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon. I did down and back last year… Epic!!! Also… The entire BRT in MN. I’ve done some, but the rest is amazing I’m told!

I’d absolutely do the Avenue of the Giants through Humboldt’s Redwoods. So surreal!

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I’d like to throw in the Eastern Sierras near Yosemite. Mono Lake is a geological wonder and Bodie is a huge abandoned mining town that is still pretty much intact. Did i mention that YOSEMITE is right there too?!?

For sure Alabama Hills- Lone Pine

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