Yellowstone flooding - now mostly open!

Hope everyone who might have been in the park has got out ok; some of the footage of the flooding is just crazy. I know Jackson, WY has some places for people to dry camp while being evacuated, I’m not as in the know with what Montana is doing but I can find out if needed. On the Idaho side we have some spots too that are open all the time, but hopefully you don’t need to go that far!

Update: looks like the northern parts will not open this year; anyone who currently has plans to visit might want to start thinking about a plan B.


I am planning on east entrance and, now, west exit into Idaho. We are heading to Glacier after Teton and Yellowstone.

I was hooing for north exit…haven’t been through there.

Best of luck to those communities!


The West Entrance is my favorite; it is such a pretty drive up or down, viewing the Tetons up until Montana.

In good news, they were able to get the South Loop open yesterday! South, East and West entrances are now open on an alternating license plate system.

Unfortunately it may take a bit longer for the North and Northeast to open, because Gardiner, Cooke City, and Red Lodge are still cut off. The recovery efforts sound like they are coming along though; and they are optimistic that part of the park will open mid July which will mean so much for those communities.

I would still check the NPS site if/when you go, but they got it mostly open!