Worried about van insulation

Too little insulation will make for some freezing nights, but can you go overboard and overheat your van? Or am I overthinking this. I want to know everyone’s thoughts about van insulation

I don’t think you can overheat with insulation. I looked at every type in the world before settling on acoustic batting. Fiberglass breaks down over time, denim gets wet and sags, etc. It’s hard to make a final decision but the acoustic stuff worked great for us.

I used thinsulate, very easy to work with, hydrophobic… a well insulated vehicle will also keep you cooler in the Summer… all you need to do to control temp (and condensation) is to vent…

Another one for 3M Thinsulate (walls and ceiling). I’m not an expert, but knowing there are areas in the van that aren’t completely insulated, like the the rear windows / doors and front windows and certain pockets in the sliding door. You will have cold or hot spots, which affect the overall interior temps, not to mention opening the doors regularly. Having said all that, I wouldn’t overthink it. I might go back and insulate the driver and passenger doors.