Wireless WIFI, what’s the best options?

Anyone work from the road? What WIFI do you use? Thanks.

We’ve worked from the road for nearly 9 years now. We just use a Verizon hotspot with a laptop. When service is low, we work offline then head to a public library or coffeehouse to upload. We’ve considered other options but this has worked for us for nearly a decade.

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We have tried quite a few and our success has not been great. They seem to be more expensive and we receive just as good access with our Verizon or AT&T hot spots. We carry one of each. We recently tried nomad internet and had no service at all. Needless to say it has been difficult to cancel.

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My wife and I both work a few weeks a year remotely, and we each connect the AT&T hotspot on our phones. On a really busy day, we normally use less than 1GB of data each. Just be sure to do your research so you’ll know how much cell service you’ll have at the campground before you go, and Campendium is a pretty good resource for checking that info.

Over the past year, we have used our cell service for work, streaming baseball and movies which require a lot of data. We use a T-Mobile 5 G hotspot at a rate of $50±/per month for 100 GB of hotspot data. I use a WEboost signal amplifier when in remote campgrounds. We have had good success while RVing in GA, FL, MS, AL & AR.