Winter SUV Boondocking, Dry, Primitive

I’m looking for input on winter boondocking in VT. I tend to primitive camp in the Adirondacks, sleeping in a SUV. No amenities required besides the parking spot and a small perimeter to step out. I’m doing this to get an early start on winter recreation. I have the cold figured out for sleeping overnight, so it’s not that aspect of the adventure.

I’d like to find a non-campground and preferably a private land campsite.

What do you think? Do places exist for this? Would it be considered a dry RV spot?
I basically need a farmer who is willing to let me park overnight for a few bucks.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Hello from a fellow car camper in VT! Finding private land from a farmer may be difficult to do unless you are driving around and know knocking on doors but here are a few ways I sleep in my car in VT.

  • Trailhead parking lots — The long trail runs throughout and since most of these areas are hike in they allow overnight parking. Make sure to check the signage but here is a good resource for those lots:
  • Ski resorts— Your username tipped me off that you might be headed to a few shredding spots. Most of these lots allow for overnight camping just check with their website.
  • National Forests— Free camping/boondocking is allowed in National Forests unless otherwise posted. Check out those spots on The Dyrt using PRO Map Layers (purple is NF land).

Is HipCamp too obvious of an option? Camping in a farmer’s unused land is probably one of my most-often used HipCamp landing spots. It may not be terribly common in Vermont, but you could give it a look.

I’ve used Hip. Thanks for sharing your experience. The DIY community here was worth tapping. Plus I already had an account from a few yrs back. :wink:

Vanly is something app that might be worth checking out. Anything from people’s driveways to space on their larger properties is listed on there.

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Laura, thank you for the recommendation, that’s exactly what I was looking for!