Winter dispersed camping in Southern California deserts

I’m planning to do a solitary retreat by way of dispersed car camping in February in either Mojave National Preserve, Death Valley NP or Borrego-Anza SP (if it opens, it might remain closed) and would be grateful for any advice on locations or anything else pertinent to doing this during the winter.

Jonathan, Granite Pass and Kelso dunes in the Mojave Preserve are good places to go. Both are dispersed and free. Mid Hills campground is also good, as is Hole in the Wall. Death Valley will be crowded but there’s plenty of places to camp. Anza-Borrego is open, just practice social distancing, but the bathrooms are closed. Use The Dyrt to hunt down places to stay, and take your pick.
Stay safe.

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M_W, thanks so much for this helpful information, it’s exactly what I was hoping to receive.

When you’ve been in these locations have you found it advisable to air down your tires, either for rutted roads or sand?

No need to air down. I drive Ford F150, with 4wheel drive. You dont need a 4X either.

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Thank you, much appreciated–I’ll be going in a Subaru Outback.

Jonathan… You will be fine. Probably go more places then I can.

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