Winter dispersed campgrounds in UT, NV, AZ, CO

Looking for dispersed areas for winter camping. Preferably in forests; not keen on deserts.

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I can’t speak for the other states but in Colorado, camping in the forest generally means going to the high country. Not recommended at this time of year unless you’re a very experienced camper, well equipped, and prepared for a prolonged stay should you get trapped by a strong snowstorm. Deserts might be a better choice until the weather warms.

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If you’re looking for forests in AZ, generally you’re looking to the North. Prescott, Show Low, Pinetop, Flagstaff, etc…There is tons of dispersed campgrounds off of Rim Road just atop the rim on Hwy 260. Some of these have amazing views as they are literally cliffside.

Hard pass on the deserts. It’s why I asked about CO.

I’ve camped out off Rim road a couple of times. Have also checked out White Mountains near NM - Aspen CG, Diamond Rock CG. Just hoping for other spots. Feels like I’ve seen them all lol

Hi! I’m not sure if you’re trying to “plan” an extended trip and go site to site or just want to be able to randomly go on the weekend. The dispersed sites in Payson can be very nice but do often get snow in the winter and get VERY sloshy with the daily melt vs nightly freeze. I personally LOVE Larson Ridge. we’ve been there in the Nov-Feb range but we have seen snow more than not so we only go when it’s not actively storming or didn’t just finish an active storm. I’ve definitely had to dig out of the slosh up there more than once though because of the melt. There are some places between Globe and Show Low that have the high desert and/or forest environment. That area is less likely to get snow but the camping is limited. I don’t think you can reserve anything but the group site but that info is here: