Window Coverings

I know each person is different and preferences vary but what are your favorite ways to cover your windows?

  • What has worked and not worked for you personally?

  • Do you have any companies you have ordered from specifically for your rig?

  • Have you cut your own and if so tips?

I personally have cycled through 2 different styles and am yet to find one I love entirely. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback!!

I ordered a role of Reflectix online and then bought a few yards of thick black felt. I cut the reflectix to be slightly larger than my windows, and then I used spray adhesive to attach the felt. The shades stayed in place just by pressing them in, and I had the option of a stealthy black side and a shiny reflective side. When I wasn’t using them I just rolled them up in a bungee cord. Worked really well.

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