Window Coverings

I know each person is different and preferences vary but what are your favorite ways to cover your windows?

  • What has worked and not worked for you personally?

  • Do you have any companies you have ordered from specifically for your rig?

  • Have you cut your own and if so tips?

I personally have cycled through 2 different styles and am yet to find one I love entirely. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback!!

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I ordered a role of Reflectix online and then bought a few yards of thick black felt. I cut the reflectix to be slightly larger than my windows, and then I used spray adhesive to attach the felt. The shades stayed in place just by pressing them in, and I had the option of a stealthy black side and a shiny reflective side. When I wasn’t using them I just rolled them up in a bungee cord. Worked really well.


To be honest, I also cannot find the best kind of covering for my windows, I just cannot find something that I would really like, that would both, work great, and for to look nice. I am still searching for something that would actually fit my needs and my tastes. Even with the curtains, I am having the same problem, I just do not find anything that I would really like. I was looking to order some material roles, however I thought they would not actually do the job. And you know, I actually got some really great windows, there is no condensation, therefore the mould would be bothering me. In case you also want some top quality windows, just visit site and choose what you want. Trust me, you will really like those products.

We made our own after a few online searches and not liking the looks or the price of things, overall I think it was a great learning experience and not too hard, and saved us a ton of money plus we made them custom to our liking.

This was our step one in our process of converting our van into a camper for spring thru fall road/camping trips :wink:

DIY Custom Window Coverings

I budgeted Vanmade Gear coverings for my Ram Promaster. Can’t say enough good things about them. They’re magnetic, custom fit, basically blackout, and have a lifetime warranty. Oh, they are expensive, but you get what you pay for. :slight_smile: