Where would I find maps?

What would be the best map to get it I wanted to take a trip from Ga to Co? I would like to stay in State Parks. I have a 25’ motor home and trying to venture out on my own some.

I really like my Rand McNally Deluxe Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas. It includes all the low-clearance bridges on major roads, that normal maps and GPS do not always call out. It includes some campgrounds here and there too; but obviously not as thorough as the Dyrt.

It’s not cheap, I’ve seen it listed from $40 - $60 at truck stops. Definitely worth it though, because sometimes your GPS tried to send you off into the wilds and when you have no service it’s essential to be able to cross check the route.


grabbed that book too, but always keep yur eyes open for construction and if relying on Google Maps, they are strangely directing people on obscure roads.
I recently downloaded a trucker app Road hunter and am trying that, but there are several that do much of the same…
As far as the route, that is pretty much up to you, and I went up from Florida to Auburn AL on an old Freeway, old bridges, rough(!), then over to ATL and back to Birmingham, and I20 was smooth as glass. Good drivin!

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We have a collection if Delorme Gazetteers. Started using them in AK and now have several. They are handy if you are in remote locations. Also use this lovely app in conjunction!

If you are AAA member grab their state maps & regional maps. Use those maps along with a phone app map, you can’t go wrong (so far, so good for us anyway).

Gaia GPS is one of the best ive used. You can open on computer, map your route, mark way points, rest stops ect… and it all syncs to the mobile app on your phone. You can even download the maps incase you lose wifi on the road. Lots of map layers are especially helpful if you go off main highways, and and need to see forest road, back road, ect…
I use the Dyrt app to find my campsites, and plug them into Gaia GPS to mark my route.

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I’m partial to the National Geographic Road Atlas National Parks edition, which also has state parks mapped. For electronic, I prefer AllStays where you can filter state parks. There also a lot of great State Park books out there with details on camping accommodations. Good luck!