Where to get trail maps

Where is the best place to get trail maps of the area?
Would like to get them before the trip to do some planning.

We ordered maps online. This is an example of the ones we ordered. Kind of pricey, but hold up to weather well.

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I guess it likely depends on what kind of trails you are referring to. For “big name” trails, Guthook, National Geographic, BlackwoodsPress…even gov websites. For smaller, shorter, lesser known trails, AllTrails and Hiking Project apps. Plus I search engine the tar out of an area, as there are often local blogs or postings that offer great (and current) trails/conditions…(like Cleverhiker). I attempt to use as many sources as available to be informed and equipped.

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If you are after paper maps, the National Graphic ones are pretty good but may not be all that current when it comes to trail locations and campgrounds. In Colorado, the state has put out a great phone app (COTREX) with downloadable maps including satellite you can use offline. A plus is your gps location shows up on the maps and they are free. The Dyrt maps are pretty good also and are downloadable if you have Pro.


GAIA GPS is a good one that I use. You can create routes, import GPX files from others, record a route, etc. you can also download map areas for offline use.

Hi, I have gotten referred to The ON X app ( on x hunt, or on x offroad ) from coworkers that hike , off road, and hunt. Its helped us the last 7 months camping and hiking.

You can look on the USGS web sight and find topographic maps of the whole United States. Thats what I used befor GPS and the internet came about. Damn Im that old?

I agree with others. Alltrails for planning but I order the National Geographic Map and/or Falcon Guide series of books for a hard copy to bring out on the trails since technology can be unreliable.

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I agree with many others here, the National Geographic maps are pretty good. Beartooth Publishing maps are awesome too, but very limited in selection of what areas they cover. Local hiking guidebooks can be helpful but don’t typically have great overview maps if you were to be planning out a backpacking trip.