Where do you keep your camping supplies?

Having a list that I can modify will probably help me a lot! I may look into that app, it seems very useful.

The “kind of trip” really makes a difference on what I want to bring. Will I be with friends or camping solo? Will I be relaxing at the campsite, or going hiking, swimming, fishing, etc. and only sleeping there? I might make a separate post about what “camping” means to different people.

I started thinking I was getting more on the glamping side of things when I got an air mattress, a small folding table, and a propane stove. Sometimes I feel like I am taking too much stuff, but I’m not trying to rough it, I just want to be surrounded by nature for a while instead of traffic and concrete. And I want the experience to be comfortable so I will keep going outside. I can’t imagine what the temperature in Texas is like… I’ve thought about getting a heater/fan for New Jersey weather!!

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yeah you’re good to go. I just cover them up simple :v

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That Packpoint App sounds interesting! I use a spreadsheet software (Excel), and update it before each trip. It includes all the camping supplies I think I’ll need, some of which I store in one big tote, then lists the items I need to gather from around the house - mostly clothing, books, towels, lawnchairs, etc. - and then a menu list that includes what I need to buy & what I need to bring from home. I don’t get too formal with the menus; but consider what we’ll be doing, so I’ll have portable things for hiking, etc.

I print out the list, and if while camping I realize I wish I’d brought something, I make a note on the paper copy to add to the spreadsheet later.