What's your biggest challenge in planning a romantic camping trip?

Thanks MeLinda, when you camp do you use these in addition to or as replacement for showering?

Let’s just say that in certain situations, wet wipes provide instant cleanliness when showering could prove cumbersome.

No, I haven’t used the trip planner here. I do read the reviews people put up on campgrounds here, and Campendium to help me make an informed decision on where to camp.

We travel quite a bit from Ohio to Texas (we have grandkids in Texas). So we mostly try to mix it up on our routes heading down there, and explore different areas of the country. So for example, this fall I found a couple of state parks I want to visit- one in Alabama id Lake Guntersville, and when researching the area I found a BBQ festival up the road we will hit up while there.

Well, I’d be absolutely sure camping is a thing she wants and likes to do. You can’t plan for everything, but try anyhow. Which means planning for all kinds of weather. Easy meals to make, comfortable camp clothes and keeping it short and sweet if you know what I mean. As it’s a first for both of you camping together make the best of it and notes to self for future trips. Most of all enjoy each other’s company!

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You can just add Fishing to your trip get some fishing reel in UAE and have a good fun

Thanks for the advice. Your definitely right about planning for all weather, I’ve been caught unprepared in the rain twice on previous trips it is NO FUN.

In all honesty… Cleanliness is kinda always a consideration too. I bought a bunch of Venture Wipes from the website Garage Grown Gear… They are basically like baby wipes but lighter weight and much bigger in size so you can basically do a nice quick campsite full body refresher with one ‘towel’/wipe.

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Thanks for the tip that’s a great idea Julie. When I was I kid camping with my dad we used to do something similar, but we didn’t have anything like that.

If you are backpacking and not car camping… I HIGHLY recommend one of the desserts from Trailtopia, especially the “crisps” they sell. They are dehydrated meals, so lightweight and easy to pack. When my husband and I go backpacking, we always split one together and there is something kind of fun and romantic about sharing dessert in the woods. Also, it is a REALLY nice treat after putting down some miles!

This is a great idea, I do like backpacking but I think our first trip as a couple will be car camping. Don’t want it to be too overwhelming. Maybe after we’re more comfortable camping together we’ll go for backpacking. I love dispersed camping.