What's your biggest challenge in planning a romantic camping trip?

I recently got married, and want to take my wife on an unforgettable camping trip. It will be our first camping trip together and am wondering what challenges people have encountered when planning a romantic trip.

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Well I’d suggest a nice waterfront campsite somewhere, and you do all the cooking/grilling. Make sure you bring her favorite beverage(s).

I don’t know where you have in mind but good luck.

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I’m assuming she likes to camp so I won’t cover that.

You want her to feel comfortable. Warm, dry and safe. Nice, warm sleeping bags (preferably zip together), soft mat, roomy tent.

Doing the bulk of the work wouldn’t hurt.

Good food (cooking for her a bonus).

Whatever beverage she prefers.

Something unexpected (special desert, candles, etc.)

Positive attitude (even if things don’t go perfect).

Hi Justin! Welcome to the Dyrt and congratulations on your marriage!
Im going to add to Bob’s suggestion by saying camping near moving water… ponds and marshy ends of lakes can be a bit buggy (but its always a good idea to have bug spray anyway) and I guess im just also adding to Papa Glenn with my suggestions: Comfortable tent and sleeping arrangements. A tent with plenty of room and ventilation for your camping plans. Air mattresses can be a a pita if you wake up in the middle of the night on the ground so maybe go with a double camping cot or some really good roll up sleep cushions. As a woman, romance and camping to me would be the experience of sitting close by the fire so bring favorite beverages, comfy chairs and plan on listening to the crickets while staring into the fire :slight_smile: and a back up plan. If it all goes south (pouring rain, camp site issues). Personally, we have a large tent so the back up plan is hanging out in the tent and playing cards or games. I hope it goes well!!

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Agree with the above for sure. Great weather is a huge bonus, big views even a bigger bonus. Also plan to get to camp early enough to setup and stage the fire for later. Then maybe go on a short hike and explore the area together. I’m a photographer so I’d want to take a few fun portraits in nature as part of the memory. Maybe even set up a timer shot of the two of you. I disagree with doing everything, get her involved in helping set up the tent, food prep, you do the cooking and tend the fire, but share on most everything else. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the advice, I was thinking about a smallish tent for more cuddling but now you have me considering a larger one for comfort thanks! Sorry if this sounds like I’m being repetitive but I’m wondering what challenges (if any) have you encountered when planning your romantic trip? Want to make sure I think problems that may arise.

Ohh great point about the bugs, I think I’m going to get bug candles, ambience plus functionality. And yes multiple people mentioned a comfy sleeping surface, I’ll make that a priority. Definitely going to bring her favorite drink she loves gin cocktails! Sorry if this sounds like dumb question, but what made the campfire standout to you as a romantic activity to you?

Privacy! We camped for our honeymoon in the Rockies and things weren’t so romantic with a Boy Scout troop right there. Huge oversight :grimacing:.

I have the solar string lights from mpowerd which add nice atmosphere in the evening.

I am not very keen on small tents. Cuddling is great and all, but they can feel a bit claustrophobic if you are pressed between your duffel bag and your partner. If the weather is hot or humid then more space is even better. I also appreciate being able to stand up in a tent to change, my husband could care less about this “extravagance”

Having a shower facility or sun shower bag for your site. I personally don’t like being gritty and being physical.

Comfortable campfire chairs- cheapos are uncomfortable which would detract from the experience if I’m constantly shifting trying to get comfortable

If you have a hammock bring it. I like sitting side by side with a soft sway.


Not me but my older son. He decided he wanted to propose by a lake. He got several friends and his soon-to-be fiancé together for a camping trip. My son failed to do the math and the hike from their camp to the proposal spot was nearly 7 miles at altitudes above 12k’ (they are in Colorado).

His now wife wanted to bail on the hike several times. I should mention she was still recovering from having a 5” tumor removed from the spinal cord in her neck that initially left her paralyzed and required relearning most motor skills the previous year.

With the help of their friends, she was encouraged to complete the hike and she said “yes”. They are happily married and expecting their first child in June. And they still love camping.

My point is, even if it isn’t all perfect, it will be an awesome trip because you cared enough to put it together for the two of you. Don’t worry about every little detail. Keeping a positive and adventurous attitude will help make it seem perfect even if it isn’t.


Thanks Krista, this is super helpful. I have heard of those shower bags before but Hadn’t considered brining them, great idea. And also I can do some research to ensure our location has privacy. We’ll definitely go for a larger tent. We do have a hammock which I will bring as well.

Wow, what a story, thanks for sharing. I bet your family will be sharing that tale for years. Good point about having a positive/optimistic attitude that will be key to having a good trip.

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Thanks Bob, have you come across any challenges when doing a couples trip?

Good bathrooms/shower set ups help me to feel human and not disgusting while camping. Adds to the overall ambience. Good luck. Just aim to have fun, and not a ton of pressure for a romantic trip. Good luck!

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Well when we back the trailer up, that can strain the romantic plans lol.

Seriously though, the effort you put into it will charm her I would think. Maybe look into a couple of different stops on one trip (if possible). Search your possible destinations for local festivals, where you can eat, listen to live music, etc. Small town America is full of these types of things, and that’s fun stuff for couples. If you like stargazing, for example, some places have “star parties” like the big Okie-Tex Star Party at Black Mesa State Park in Oklahoma. Or perhaps camp near a county fair/state fair…nothing says “I love you” more than sharing an elephant ear or carmel corn lol.

Good luck, you’ll be fine.

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wow nice to Handel’s wife is a big challenge for you…

not sure what you’re trying to say. Could you give more detail?

I bet that is quite the challenge, I’ve never even attempted :laughing:

Great idea about star gazing and festivals, that could really add some fun to the trip. I’ll add that to my research list. Do you use the trip planner on her to plan out your trips?

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Yes great tip multiple people have mentioned planning for a shower. Definitely want to stay clean especially to add to the romance :laughing:
I expect this to be pretty laid back as you said not much pressure. Just curios, have you come across any stressful situations on a couples trip?

Most stressful situations really come from misunderstood expectations, snafus that are outside your control, or just the stress we unnecessarily add to a moment. Does that make sense?


Wet wipes. Lots of them.