What's the sketchiest place you've ever boondocked?

Any particular loud nights at a highway rest stop that kept you on edge? I’m curious to hear everyone’s stories

When I was a teen, my friend and I went into the National forest near where we live to do some camping. We the along a couple of rifles to do some shooting. All was going well till a group of guys showed up and started drinking heavily. Then the rain started.

We didn’t have a tent (planned to sleep under the stars) so we crawled under the tonneau cover on his pickup for shelter. Stayed there clutching our guns as the rowdy group was getting louder and had started firing off their guns. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night for us. They finally passed out in the wee hours of the morning and we high tailed it out of there.


We were driving (rental Jeep wrangler) from Big Bend NP to Big Bend Ranch State Park in the later afternoon/early evening where we had a reserved primitive site pretty far off the beaten path. By time we arrived to Big Bend State Park it was pitch black out. The roads within the park are rough gravel and dirt. Sites were marked by a small wood post that were near impossible to see. Of course, there’s not reliable service and most of the area isn’t even on a map. After spending an hour driving around in the park, we decided to head back towards city lights and find a hotel for the night. However, we ended up right outside of the Mexican boarder crossing in a really scary area and decided off we were better off going back into the park and looking for the campsite again. At this point, we have a boarder patrol officer following us (I think it was obvious we were lost but it was still nerve wracking). He eventually got tired of following us or found something better to do but honestly at that point, I was kind of hoping he would pull me over so he could help us. Give it 2.5 more hours of driving in the complete dark, unable to find our site, at 1am and I decided we would be sleeping in the Jeep in the middle of no-where but somewhere near the Mexican boarder. Of course we were worried about the boogie man breaking into our jeep in the middle of the night and robbing us but it was nice not worrying about the javelina and coyotes for the night. haha.
P.S. We woke up at daylight and found our site pretty easily (pictured below). We had actually pulled onto the road it was located on to turn around the night before. :frowning:


Up in deep timber near John Day area. 6 miles off main road. It started out ok but then night fell and it really got creepy because there was no lake, no river just huge trees, oh and cows. So we drop off to sleep and someone drives in but leaves. This place is in the middle of no where and it’s late. Just park, right? Then it happens again. Then again. I knew they were coming to get us. I’m closing my window b/c a screen isn’t cutting it, but neither is my flimsy lock. My husband pulls out our machete camp saw from under the mattress (really!). We start thinking about the forest fires burning north and then the cows start in. Like screaming. Made it through the night but not interested to return.

We 4 wheeled in to a spot and were the only ones there for a few days. Just me hubby and 2 kids. it was great then one afternoon a couple of young guys made a camp across the lake and about time the sun was going down a bunch more youngish guys showed up and they got pretty drunk and started bad mouthing us and talking about what they would do with me… Hubby had brought a 22 for him and the kids to practice shooting and shot a few rounds into the hillside. They shut up but still he did not sleep that night. If it had been daylight we would have just left but that ‘rode’ was not safe in the dark…