What's the best hitch camping cargo holder?

Would love recommendations for the best hitch cargo holder you use for camping. Please let me know why you think your cargo holder is the best.

I picked up an aluminum Hitch-Haul from Bass Pro a decade or so ago(2” receiver) for under $100. It has shallow 3” rim of aluminum with 1/2 holes evenly drilled out every 12” (for lashing or straps), two cross member supports as well as the center receiver support and a Diamond grate bottom. Being in coastal SWFL aluminum is critical for longevity. I have not treated this hitch hauler gingerly. I do appreciate the lipped sides to keep containers from slip-sliding and they aren’t too high to prevent cross-usage. It fits two large black tubs with yellow lids from Home Depot full of camping gear with other items bungeed without complaint.

I’ve hauled lawn mowers, trash cans, 150cc scooters, a buell XB9S motorcycle, paver blocks, bags of quickcrete and the list goes on. Is it designed for most those items, not likely…did it handle them sufficiently, yes.

It functions today as well as when purchased. If one day it detonates and I can weld or bolt it back together…I will search for the same model.