What's everyone's favorite tent heater?

i’m looking at a variety of Mr Heater products, but wanted to get everyones thoughts before I pull the trigger. Also is there a danger that a heater will hurt your tent?!

I use a “Mr. Buddy” heater. It uses the regular Coleman propane tanks, but there is an attachment to hook up to a bigger propane tank.


Love my “Mr. Buddy”.

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Came here to say this! We attach ours to a 20lb tank with the attachment you mentioned. Mr.Buddy comes with us on every trip

The regular sized Mr. Heater is kind of overkill for my climate, so I have Mr Heater Little Buddy. It is supposed to run off of the little 1 lb propane bottles, but I figured out a way to hook it up to a bigger propane source.

https://youtu.be/LvHJdjIwjao not everyone’s solution, but a safer, in my opinion, heating system that does not, create condensation, put you at risk for Carbon Monoxide or fire.