What's everyone's favorite tent heater?

i’m looking at a variety of Mr Heater products, but wanted to get everyones thoughts before I pull the trigger. Also is there a danger that a heater will hurt your tent?!

I use a “Mr. Buddy” heater. It uses the regular Coleman propane tanks, but there is an attachment to hook up to a bigger propane tank.


Love my “Mr. Buddy”.

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Came here to say this! We attach ours to a 20lb tank with the attachment you mentioned. Mr.Buddy comes with us on every trip

The regular sized Mr. Heater is kind of overkill for my climate, so I have Mr Heater Little Buddy. It is supposed to run off of the little 1 lb propane bottles, but I figured out a way to hook it up to a bigger propane source.

https://youtu.be/LvHJdjIwjao not everyone’s solution, but a safer, in my opinion, heating system that does not, create condensation, put you at risk for Carbon Monoxide or fire.

Not everyones cup of tea, but I like the Coleman 513 white gas catalytic heater.

I am trying to get to a single fuel for vehicle, stove, heater, and lanterns, I can do that with ethanol free unleaded gasoline.

I had an opportunity to test unleaded on my heater this winter, due to the Texas Deep Freeze / power outage. Unfortunately fuel availability was zero at that time, so I ended up using white gas / Coleman fuel I had on hand to keep my family from freezing.

I know Propane is the preferred camp fuel for many, if not most people, but I honestly despise the 1lb disposable bottles. I am VERY uncomfortable with the hazardous waste they create. And space wise, bulk propane cylinders don’t make sense if you are using a smaller vehicle to get to the campsites…

There ARE disadvantages though. Pretty much zero safety features. YOU and only YOU are responsible to keep from dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. There is no low oxygen shutoff etc… Keep the vents open and make sure your heater is working efficiently and you are fine.

If I were doing vanlife or had more space to deal with and could use bulk propane. The Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is a great heater, however it looks like they may have stopped making them? Or maybe it is COVID supply chain issues, who knows? I am on my 2nd in 20 years. The first one died due to plastics failure, not a failure of function. Just be sure you keep it clean and use a fuel filter with a bulk tank…

The Portable Buddy heater has a reputation among the vanlife youtuber crowd of jamming up on them. I know you MUST use a fuel filter if you are going to use fuel through a hose as the fuel leeches oils from the hose and WILL jam up the heater. Aside from a dust clogged pilot tube, my first Portable Buddy saw something like 19 years of camping, hunting, and home workshop heating service before the plastic handle basically fell apart due to I am guessing being stored in a HOT Texas garage in the summer for too long.

They have good safety features though, low oxygen shutoff, tipover shutoff etc…

I would NOT hesitate to buy one again. Come to think of it, I didn’t hesitate to get my 2nd…