What's better. Pictured Rocks or Isle Royale? DISCUSS

debate and discuss!!

Isle Royale is on my bucket list!

Been to pictured rocks 2x now and will always be a favorite, so picturesque. Also more accessible for me since I am a metro-detroiter (about 6 hours) versus 8 to Houghton then long Ranger Boat ride to Isle Royale. Hoping to get out there next summer though!

Probably like comparing Apples and oranges here since Pictured rocks is more accessible and can be a day trip (popular tourist spot) and Isle Royale is really remote and few people go each year - I mean it is the least visited National Park in the US :slight_smile:

I’ve been to both and feel Pictured Rocks is great for day hikes and easy camping. To see it best though you really need to get on the water.

I went to Isle Royale twice now and love it. Last time though I dislocated my ankle on the toughest trail on the island and spent 2 grueling days hiking out. Unless you are experienced seasoned backpacker I would stay away from the northern trails on the island. The rest of the trails are fairly simple to moderate in difficulty.

I live 45 mins from pictured rocks, and while they’re a definite must see if you’re visiting, I honestly think there’s so many cooler spots to see! Isle Royale is a dream spot to go, the fact that so little people are there at one time makes it better for me! I can’t wait to go this summer or next.