What music do you like to listen to while camping

I love listening to Bob Dylan (at a reasonable volume) while I’m sitting by the fire. Anyone have any other favorite music for camping?

We are into bluegrass or older country around the fire. It just feels right and pretty relaxing! lol! And this is from a guy that listens to metal when not camping!

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I have different random road trip mixes to suit my moods and the company I keep. I make sure to download these offline so I can use them for any number of scenarios. If I am doing a tough hike I like to have something that drives me more with a beat but if I am chilling at a campsite something more subdued. I find that my diversity of music is much more noticeable when traveling than in normal life.


Mostly country. It’s usually pretty laid back. Plus, I’m from the country! It just feels outdoorsy! Lol

Although I usually listen to '90s Alternative, or Contemporary Christian Music, while camping I tend to get my local folk music on, and listen to Adirondack Folk Songs - especially by Dan Berggren https://www.berggrenfolk.com/ or Gretchen Koehler ( http://www.gretchenkoehlermusic.com/ )

Tycho is always my go to! The Dive album is such great ambiance without overwhelming the sounds of nature. Can’t go wrong with Fleet Foxes either.

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I only listen to music when I know no one else can hear - and then it’s usually only when driving. Otherwise the music I prefer to listen to are the birds, leaves rustling, the crackling fire, the soft padding of a curious critter, frogs croaking. I will say - a pet peeve of mine is having to listen to a camping neighbor’s idea of what I should be listening to … that is UNLESS, we’re talking camping at a music festival or something. I’m a fiddler so I get that. But in nature … I want to be a part of it


I ususally listen to one of the “folk” statiosn on Spotify, but I’ve been spending this quarantine time learning to play the an acoustic guitar. Soooo… once we are able to get back to nature, hoping to chill with some strumming.

Agreed with the pet peeve- I’ve only enjoyed the music of a nearby campsite once

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It’s funny because I’m typically more of a hard rock, punk, alternative guy but around the campfire I have a Pandora station called “Bonfire Folk Radio”.

Tyler Childers is our go to guy.

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I’m windows down music top volume on the way there, but when I arrive, I’m all about the crickets.


If I’m camping, it’s because I want to listen to nature… So no music at all. I love the birds and frogs and owls… Those are music to me!


Windows down and the road trip playlist cranked loud on repeat the whole way… But when I arrive, I’m all about the sounds of nature.

If I’m going to be in the same place for a long while, I might listen to an audio book or podcast at night to fall asleep. I also carry ear plugs in my kit in the case of loud neighbors at night… or neighbors who really like camping music.

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I combine some of these ideas - I listen to ambient or calm instrumentals (Stars of the Lid, Taylor Deupree, Marconi Union, etc.) where the music blends well with the outside noises of the car, the fire, the forest, etc.

I personally have such an eclectic taste in music that I would say everything. Lol. It really depends on the mood. I always keep it at a reasonable volume or use headphones. My man listens to audio books, and I prefer to listen to music and hold my book to read it, so often we just use headphones.

I like poppy singer songwriters like Ed Sheeran, and john mayer, if I’m listening to it out loud.

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I put a 450 gig SD card in my phone so I have 2,000 albums available to play on a bluetooth speaker. Half is classical music and half is a little bit of virtually everything else (except hip-hop). If someone complains about my choice of music I always invite them to peruse the list and pick out anything they like. This works very time, and I’ve made lots of new friends!

I’m glad people like to listen to music when they’re camping, but I don’t want to hear somebody else’s music in a campsite, ever. If you want to listen to your music, please use earphones. This applies to any time of night or day. I find it very rude and annoying when I have to listen to somebody else’s music.

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It’s a good question, while home and driving around town I have a Pandora station that plays everything from Owl City to Linkin Park. But when camping, especially around the camp fire at night, I have a station called “Bonfire Folk Radio”.

I keep the volume low so it doesn’t bother anyone else.

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I’m likely an oddity. I don’t listen to music when camping, bikepacking, backpacking, hiking or paddling. I love the varied sounds of nature.