What is the best canvas tent for under $700

Hey…what’s the best tent for under $700. I’m new to camping wanna get my feet wet…wait…no keep them dry. Looking for 3…4 people

Are you sure you want a canvas tent? Heavy, bulky, and they do require waterproofing/sun damage maintenance. They are used religiously as a base camp for horse packers and hunters, but it’s not too common to see them for typical camping use. REI has many high quality tents, as so Sierra and other outfitting stores. A wet canvas tent is HEAVY and a pain to transport. I had a 8 x 10 for several years and it took two people to get it in the trunk. Some people put small wood burners in them, but I recently saw a nylon teepee tent with a wood burner set up. I wouldn’t go there but it was obvious this guy had it down with an asbestos shield, etc. I would suggest you consider what you want out of a tent before purchasing canvas, unless you want a semi permanent structure on a platform for clamping, I think you could find a Northface base tent a bit more affordable and transportable.

I never thought of the bulkiness issue . Thinking it wasn’t such a heavy duty canvas …but I’m glad you responded. I just don’t want to freeze my butt off if I’m out there in 30°. I will reconsider. Thank you so much

For what it’s worth, yesterday I purchased my second Kodiak Canvass tent. I gave my first one to my daughter and her family. They are heavier than a nylon tent but you can get one nice a toasty with a small tent heater, they are completely water proof and they don’t get as hot in the summer as nylon. There is probably no perfect camper, travel trailer, tent etc. All have their pluses and minuses but overall, a good quality canvas tent cannot be beaten for a great camping experience and you don’t have to worry about the weather.

Kodiak Canvas all day long. Small bow tent is at Bass or Cabelas Online. 4 season but keep in mind it is really heavy.
canvas will last a lifetime and can be passed down to kids with proper maintenance. I love mine