What are your camping pet peeves?

I’ve got a few. Mostly just loud music and litter - both ruining nature in their own ways. Anyone else have tiny things that annoy them?


We get really annoyed when other campers use our spot as a pass through to get to different spots.


Not sure if it’s a pet peeve or just legit annoyance, but I get really upset when people don’t practice safe food practices when camping in bear country. Not so much for my own safety, but I just love bears. Stop leaving food out in bear country!


It is frustrating to me when people abuse established campfire rings by leaving garbage or toxic things in the rings that can’t burn. It also bothers me when people establish campfire rings in dispersed areas and don’t demolish them when they are finished camping.


I don’t like arriving at a location to find someone didn’t even attempt to clean up their space when leaving or when it looks like they have dumped their tanks on the open ground… (BLAHHHHH)…I also don’t like when people have kiddos and let them run into your campsite instead of having them understand the boundaries. Had a really bad experience with this at a state park where kids were running though campsite and then tripped over my tent tie down then the whole family was then in my site attending to their child instead of preventing this from happening all together… NOT COOL to have people in your space you don’t know


I get really annoyed when people start a roaring fire, then leave their campsite completely unattended. Besides the fact that they aren’t there to enjoy the fire, no one is keeping an eye on the fire. It’s so unsafe!


A friend of mine I camped with talked with EVERYONE. It was embarrassing at first…but then she would trade food with everyone haha. So my pet peeve actually was beneficial after a while. Trade salsa for some cheese for our quesadillas, etc. It was hilarious even though I would cringe each time she would boldly chat people up who looked like they didn’t want to be disturbed. :woman_shrugging:

Off leash dogs at campgrounds or on the trail.


We camp in a lot of US forest CG’s or state parks because my wife gets out of work late and we don’t have enough time to get “first come, first serve” or have the luxury of looking for a dispersed sites so we want a guaranteed spot to go. Our biggest pet peeve is there are never spots to reserve with less than 3 months planning, yet when we do finally find a spot there will easily be 10% of the sites empty because of no-shows and people failed to cancel their reservation. It’s sad to see so many spots available that go unused knowing there are probably 10 people that would take it immediately if they could.


Blaring music or generators.


Agreed! My ideal camping experience shouldn’t disrupt someone else’s and vice versa.


Trash left in the fire pit, generators, loud talkers, candles melted on the picnic table, campfires left unattended or smoking, the sound of nearby gunshots in the national forest, and loud music. Also, people who come in late, slam car doors, and talk very loudly. And, people who don’t clean up their mess in the bathhouse (hair in shower drain, used band-aids on the counter/shower, empty shampoo bottles, paper towels and TP on the ground). I guess I have alot of pet peeves, maybe I’ve worked at too many campgrounds? ; )


Our number 1 pet peeve is trash! We carry a plastic bag and our daughter is used to mom and dad picking up trash, she helps but knows we will pick up cigarette butts because that’s just gross. It’s something I will never understand.


I don’t look for things to piss me off…i look for the joy and the peace while I’m out and assume that whatever someone else is doing, they are doing the same thing. It’s all about mutual respect.


My biggest pet peeve is when folks dont get the quiet time schedule and are still partying it up at 2 am. I try to remain calm and collected but when the fish are biting at 6am i had better have my sleep for a long day out on the water. We dont camp to party. Maybe im a party pooper. Lol!! We camp for the getting away from it all and hopefully a cooler full of fish in the end.


I find this a lot more when I visit lake campgrounds. People there for the most part are there on weekends to party it up and whether they are families or singles it seems to be the hardest kind of places to camp without this happening. So I definitely see your point there!!!

yes yes and yes!!! I wish more people understood the clean up after yourself concept in life in general but especially when outdoor in the natural spaces.

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I have never seen the candles melted on the tables before but I have seen them melted around some of the hot springs I have visited. I thought this was a thing that was isolated to those kinda places though, never thought about people doing it at camp too.

I’ve see them at hot springs too. I’ve worked at a few campgrounds and, trust me, it’s a thing there too…and very hard to clean.

Hooking your horn multiple times to lock your vehicle and automatic headlights on your vehicle turning on every time you enter your vehicle to grab something (you can turn off the auto setting), while it is pointed at my site.