What are the best portable heaters for camping?

We have a TAXA Cricket and it doesn’t come with a heater. They recommend a Mr. Heater portable and we got one, but are they really safe to leave on all night? My wife is concerned about the fumes.

We do indeed have a Mr Heater and have been using it for a few years. Read the instructions and follow the suggestions about venting your trailer. We generally leave 2 windows partially unzipped for venting and we’ve never had a problem. We also invested in the connector to hook it up to a full size propane tank because it can not run all night on one of those little bottles of propane (and waking up in the middle of the night to change those was cold and a pain). I have a 6 year old and more often than not at least 2 dogs in our pop up with us and I feel safe using it with them. The front gets CRAZY hot but the auto-off if it gets knocked over works well too. Beware we’ve used it in snowy/freezing weather and on high it’s been enough to make me sweat!

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has anyone used an electric heater instead of a propane one? (assuming your rig has electric capabilities)

We found a 500 watt heater that plugs into the 110V outlet. It comes with a remote. Just enough to take out the chill in out R-Pod 196.