Upgrade propane stove to 5lbs propane tank

I’ve got a Selkirk 460 stove. It’s meant to run off a Coleman propane bottle. I got a 5lbs propane refillable bottle and hose, Gaspro hose amazon. And while everything connects correctly, the burners just won’t go. I suspect the pressure reducer that is supposed to go from the Coleman can (16oz), and is now connected to a larger 5lbs tank, freaks out and shuts it down. It will start for about a half second, then turn off. It will do this repeatedly if I keep lighting it.

Any ideas on an adapter hose that will actually work here? Pics of setup pieces so far.

I’m thinking one of these from Walmart![IMG_3242|374x500] might do the trick.

thanks in advance!

I’ve run several brands of gas stoves and grills with 5 gallon propane tanks using an adapter similar to that without the gauge (though not your particular brand of stove). Never had issues. Don’t think adding a second regulator is the answer. Maybe try a different adapter hose first.

Same on our end…never had a problem, even with our 20lbs tank. Could your stove be the issue?

The stove might be the issue - but it’s the stove I’ve got. I’m going to try out a pressure regulator hose, then a different hose.

I appreciate the responses, and I’ll let you know when/if I fix it.

Not familiar with that brand stove. At all, so kind of shooting in the dark here.

On a Coleman propane 2 burner, I use a hose similar to the one you show, and it connects in place of the propane bottle, so you still have the Coleman regulator inline. Are you bypassing the regulator? Too much pressure and the gas may blow itself out.

A few incredibly dumb questions, but I’ve done dumb things and a gentle reminder helps.

#1. Are you certain that hose works? I.E. does it work with another appliance like a heater or water heater?
#2. Do you have the tank full of propane? Not trying to be insulting but sometimes we forget the most basic things.
#3. Is the propane turned on at the tank? Unlike the 1lb bottles, you need to turn the propane on once it is connected.

I show how it is done on a Coleman stove on the following video.