Traveling in car , want to buy a portable sink

Hello guys, so I was planning to go on a long trip next month. I want to travel by car. So I was thinking about camping at places at night. Because it will be more awesome than staying at some hotels. So could anyone help me to make a list of things that are necessary when going on a camping trip? I want to buy a portable sink so I won’t have any problem with washing purposes. It will be a long trip so I think the sink will be a good investment. Also brought a big tent so I won’t have any problems with space. What are the other things that I’ll need to buy before the trip? Could anyone help me make a list?

Welcome! I have a teardrop camper with a tiny sink, so I use one of these collapsible sinks for dishwashing. There are a few different styles. I like the square style so that it can hold a plate. [Collapsible sink](Tiawudi 2 Pack Collapsible Sink with 2.25 Gal / 8.5L Each Wash Basin for Washing Dishes, Camping, Hiking and Home

I tried a couple of different styles before settling on this. I have similar style buckets, too.

A pop up privacy/ shower stall with a bucket potty and solar bag shower could be handy. If you don’t have time to solar heat the shower you can add a pot of hot water to it from your camp stove.

Stop by Autozone and pick up a 7 quart oil drain pan. They are less then 4 bucks and if you get two, use one for washing and one for rinsing. And they nest and are very light.

I ordered this portable dishwahser but know its broken. Do you recommend it to repair or replace? I want to repair the dishwasher but I don’t know where to get its parts.