Travel Trailer Length

Does anyone know if the length listed for the site is the tongue to bumper length or trailer length? We have reservations at Fish Creek in Glacier, but we’ve updated our trailer since making those reservations. It is now 24’ long but tongue to bumper length is 27’. The site restriction is for a 24’. Any help would be appreciated!

We’ve found over the years that there’s often no rhyme nor reason to how a campground measures and posts their site lengths. We recently experienced a campsite that was restricted to 30’ but the pad was over 60’ long. Extreme example but you get my point. Recommend you call the campground office and varify with them if your rig will fit in a particular site.

I’ve found that it’s usually tongue to bumper length as grounds will almost always want you clear of the roadway. However, often times you can eek your bumper over the edge of the pad as long as your tires don’t roll onto fragile ground. I’ve also found that some spots require you to include your tow vehicle. Sometimes this is specified, sometimes not. I’ll call if it’s super unclear. At park campgrounds, often sites might be super tight which is why they have the restrictions. I’ll usually adhere to these number restrictions more than a private campground. That said, 24’ vs 27’ probably won’t be a dealbreaker (but don’t quote me on that).

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Glacier National Park lists their restrictions as total vehicle length, width, and height. This has to do with road size so that you don’t push another vehicle off a cliff (lol, but yea for real) or get stuck and can’t get moved around when you come face to face with another vehicle.

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