Travel discounts

Seasons greetings travelers.
I was thinking of a joining a few groups which include discounts for traveling with campers. What two might be best. Headed South from midwest for now.
I hear of Sams and Passport America? But there seems to be so many!
Any input appreciated!

Hi Kerri!
We find that Good Sam suits us at almost every campground that offers a discount. It’s definitely paid more than its cost this year. We’re also paid members to The Dyrt (duh!), Harvest Hosts and KOA. We find all these memberships offer discounts/ free campground access that we’ve been able to use over the year. KOAs aren’t for everyone, but they’re quite reliable and if you stay at them with any frequency, their membership is definitely worthwhile.

@Kerri We typically camp at national, state or county parks so the type of discounts you mention do not apply to us. However, aside from The Dyrt Pro, we also use Harvest Hosts (two levels of membership available - with or without golf courses) and if you stay at three or four per year, you are potentially ahead of the game. Plus we have discovered some great businesses and met some wonderful people. Also, if you visit National Parks, the lifetime senior membership (if you are 62 or older) is definitely worth it. We had sleet here in Iowa today so hopefully you have already escaped the midwest!