Travel by minivan

hi, new to camping.
Want to drive my minivan out west (Utah, Nevada, in that area) from NJ.
Do campgrounds mind minivans on their property? (1 or 2 people on this trip.)
Don’t want to pay hotel prices. I’ve not been to a campground before so I don’t know what to look for. Would like clean bathrooms and showers.
Is there some rating system to look for in published guides?
I’m older and would like access to a restroom in the middle of the night. Is this something I inquire about before making a reservation?
When making a reservation, do I ask for a tent site or something else?
Is cell phone service generally available or must I look specifically at each campground web site? Have Verizon.
General recommendations would be appreciated.
Thank you very much,

We’re in our 60s and have camped a few times in our Astro van quite comfortably. You should have no problems at state and federal campgrounds but private RV parks would probably not allow it.

Amenities vary by campground so you’ll need to look at those on a site by site basis. Restrooms are pretty standard but not all campgrounds have showers. You can read reviews on the ones that interest you to see how they are rated. When you read campsite descriptions, look for ones that say the pad is level. It makes it more comfortable when sleeping in your van.

Cell service varies by location. Another thing you’ll need to research when looking at sites. and ReserveAmerica are the main sites to book through and will give you a lot of info on campgrounds.

Lastly, if you are 62 or older, I would suggest getting a National Park Senior Pass. It will cut your campsite fees in half at most federal sires and give you free entry into national parks.

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