Towing vehicle - gas or diesel?

new to the whole lifestyle. I’m looking to buy a 5th wheel and a new vehicle to tow it. I can’t decide if the extra money for the diesel is worth the power boost it gives. Thanks

I’ve had both and will never go back to a gas engine for towing. The ride overall is smoother. The diesel tows much easier since they are designed for the torque needed for towing heavier loads.


This! Even if you were going for a Class A motorhome, I’d recommend diesel. That’s what we have, a diesel motorcoach, towing a Jeep Wrangler.

Diesel is the only way to go for a dedicated tow vehicle. The old saying is that you race with horsepower but you drive with torque. That goes double for towing and that means the oil burners!

I’m towing a 24’ travel trailer with my gasoline-powered Tahoe. While the setup isn’t huge, I sometime find it difficult to get through some of the smaller gas stations while towing. I went to a Pilot station and checked out the trucker pumps and discovered they are diesel only. I just recently told my wife that there is only one thing that gives me anxiety when pulling the camper… getting fuel. If I just hadn’t purchased my Tahoe new last year, I’d be trading for a diesel if only for the convenience of getting fuel.

As for power, I’ve driven diesel trucks as a fireman for nearly three decades now, and there is no comparison when it comes to pulling some serious weight.