Towing a Tear Drop

Hi, I am a new member to the this forum and I’m looking forward to reading and contributing to the posts here. I have a 2020 T@B 320 S Boondock and tow it with a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, Z71, V6, 4X4. If anyone uses a similar vehicle, do you have any problems towing up steep grades, what is your typical payload weight and what is your typical gas mileage?


Welcome! I also just started towing a teardrop type trailer. I’m having a blast. My Jeep Cherokee pulls it great. And the trailer has off road Capabilities.

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Lisa, What type of teardrop do you own? Have you done boondocking or are you staying mostly in campgrounds?

I have a hiker trailer. I just got it in July and only stayed in one campground. I’m planning a trip to Wyoming this week. Might have to boondock but still plan on campground. Most campgrounds I stay are rustic no power. Might have to boondocks as everyone is camping now days too.

We have a 2016 T@B 320 CS-S that we pull with a Honda Pilot. Usually I don’t even know it’s back there except going up steep inclines. We lose a bit of speed but it doesn’t struggle pulling it.
We usually stay in state or national campgrounds (Corp of Engineers are best!) with electric but rarely water and sewer hookups.
We do boondock a couple times a year but do run into battery issues. Our T@B seems to pull about 2amps running the vent fan and charging devices so the 90 ah battery only lasts about two days before needing recharging so you need either solar or a generator.
Hope this helps.