Towing a Tear Drop

Hi, I am a new member to the this forum and I’m looking forward to reading and contributing to the posts here. I have a 2020 T@B 320 S Boondock and tow it with a 2017 Chevrolet Colorado, Z71, V6, 4X4. If anyone uses a similar vehicle, do you have any problems towing up steep grades, what is your typical payload weight and what is your typical gas mileage?


Welcome! I also just started towing a teardrop type trailer. I’m having a blast. My Jeep Cherokee pulls it great. And the trailer has off road Capabilities.

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Lisa, What type of teardrop do you own? Have you done boondocking or are you staying mostly in campgrounds?

I have a hiker trailer. I just got it in July and only stayed in one campground. I’m planning a trip to Wyoming this week. Might have to boondock but still plan on campground. Most campgrounds I stay are rustic no power. Might have to boondocks as everyone is camping now days too.