Tow vehicle or trailer first?

extreme newbie. Should I buy a vehicle and find a trailer that works with it, or should I buy a trailer first and then find an appropriate tow vehicle?

Tough one. Do you have a general idea of what type of trailer you’re looking for? If so, you’ll have a good idea of approximate weight. I knew I wanted to stay around 1000 pounds for my trailer, so we got a car that can pull 3500-5000, and then found the trailer after that.

I also agree with @Corinna_B. Do some research on some trailers and their GVWRs and then find tow ratings and weights for vehicles. We purchased our vehicle first and then found a trailer that it would be able to pull. Our suv can pull 9500 so we had a pretty big range.

I vote to buy the tow vehicle first. Largely because if your trailer is too big you won’t be towing it anywhere without the right vehicle and/or you could damage the tow vehicle and spending money on repairs isn’t going to help when you’re saving up for a new one. If you’re worried about the timing and spending money on a vehicle that you can’t use for a while until you save up for the trailer you can always start off with something “entry level” on both sides. For example, if you want a really nice 5th wheel but don’t have the truck that can tow it start off with a pop up that can be towed behind a car/smaller SUV/truck so you have SOMETHING. Then when you upgrade the truck you can still take out the pop up until you buy your 5th wheel. Plus - as long as you don’t trash it they hold their value and you can probably sell a pop up for what you paid for it.