The reluctant wife did well. Very well

We’ve been married for 24 years and I’ve only convinced her to camp with me 1 time. During that night she was convinced a pack of rabid, vampire-like raccoons were going to attack and eat her. She made it but didn’t sign up for any more opportunities to camp with me which cut into my camping. Two grown girls later and I’m feeling like it’s time to get back to my old ways.

About 6 weeks ago I told her I was going camping and she was welcome to come. And she did. We tent camped on Lake Barkley in western Kentucky last week and while we didn’t do without many conveniences she was a trooper and did a fantastic job. Prior to the trip she had jumped on YouTube for camping hacks and tips, made a $60 run to the dollar store, packed everything (EVERYTHING) she thought we’d need. The day before leaving I loaded up everything I KNEW we’d need and off we went…with my 2 man tent.

It was a great trip and one of the best weeks we’ve had together in a long time. She even agreed to go back and we’re both looking forward to many more trips. With a bigger tent…


You’re one rainy night from getting a small trailer. Go ahead and take her shopping for one. You’re going to get in way more camping and she’s going to love it! (I may be speaking from experience. )


lol, this is how I feel with my husband…he got dripped on during the one camping trip and that is ALL he talks about years later!


I’m happy you were able to have new adventures together, even after so many years!

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In 1974, one year after marrying my beautiful wife, I took her packing into the high Wallowa’s. About two in the afternoon, I watched the storm clouds coming in, and pitched my military surplus canvas pup tent. The next morning, two drowned rats hiked out. Fast forward another year, and we had a new Chevy pickup truck outfitted with a canopy, air mattresses & sleeping bags. Then came a 20 degree night…It took a few years (and two sons) to talk her into camping again, but only in July & August when it was hot & dry. In 2008, we bought a “B” motorhome that has the capability of towing our horses, and she’s been a happy camper ever since. I guess time and money will make everything work out…


Dripped on…I got nothing. :joy: :rofl:

Our family had some members that might have been concerned with the comforts of camping. We realized there was no way we’d be completely roughing it, so we set out to find what could keep us all comfortable. We love this list of what they’re calling essential camping items. A lot of them really do help make a better family camping experience. Essential Family Camping Gear

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Very interested in the solo stove mentioned in that link you shared. You can only eat so many granola bars. :sweat_smile:

@Amy_R I agree getting rained on sucks. I remember taking a trip with some college friends a few years back. We got a huge roaring fire going. We even used stones to build a makeshift oven underneath our fire temple. Looking back I have no idea why we made that fire so large but I’m glad we did. When it started raining we had to stay up late into the night to keep the fire stoked and prevent it from dying. We were out there looking like mad men screaming into the storm while piling logs onto the blaze. Luckily it was large otherwise it might have gone out immediately during the down pour.

If it had been rain causing the drips, I might have had more responsibility for his discomfort, ya know, poorly sealed tent, better water proofing…something! nope, this was condensation from an older tent that didnt have adequate ventilation. I promptly upgraded but he has staunchly decided he will not camp. He also blamed his epic Charley horses that morning on camping…So my son and I happily camp every summer in peace :joy:

I’m probably laughing way too much at this :joy: :joy:. He and I grew up much differently. Well, enjoy it every time you can and hope your son loves it as much as you do.

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