The Best Hiking Boots?

Who makes the best hiking boots? Ones that will last more than 1 year and are still comfortable.

Alright, kind of a loaded question here, but I will try my best.

Everybody is gonna give you the “here’s what I have and their the best thing ever” and that’s not super helpful in my opinion. Same with 5-star or 1- star product reviews.

To short answer your question: Asolo. Something mid-grade ($300) can take lots of miles, a heck of a beating, and last at minimum 4 years, I had one pair last closer to 8 before I walked a hole thru the bottom. Typically the piece that fails in my boots is the lining.

I have had quite the smattering of hiking boots in my life and one pair or another has been my daily shoes since I was 15 and working at the local Boy Scout camp. I put lots of miles on all my boots between daily shoes, day hikes, backpacking, horse/mule pack trips, or wildland firefighting (disclaimer: wild land/logger boots are functional but are not comfy!!!).

I wear a pair of “light hiker” ($125-150) boots, Keen or Merrill, as my everyday shoes and only get an honest 9 months out of them before the footbed breaks down, even if I replace the insoles. But to be fair, gym shoes cost about the same and have about the same life expectancy.

So the big question in your boot search is, what will you be doing in them?? Will these be strictly hiking/backpacking boots or will they be your run around/do everything footwear?


Thanks for the info Jeff_K1. Very helpful. I have boots that I wear every day but they breakdown in about 9 months…so that must be the norm. I bought some Danner boots about a year ago and the outer parts are coming apart with holes developing in the tops where the toe section creases the boots.

Same answer, Asolo, Fugitive GTX

it’s what I have and it’s the best! :grinning:

no really though, I don’t wear them everyday but they’ve lasted 5 summers/some winter use with little wear and no tear


Thanks for the info, Snowboarder.

Hiking boots are such a personal thing; I know people who will hike 14ers in Chacos. To each their own; better than flip-flops I guess!

My husband and I use the men’s and women’s version of the Vasque Breeze respectively. They tend to last us about 5-7 years before replacing. We don’t hike with them everyday, the trails we use them to hike on are very rocky with loose talus and gravel, or for backpacking. I feel like a mountain goat wearing them; they are very grippy. I’ve used them with snowshoes too. The last is a little narrow; which works for us, but would not be appropriate for wide feet or if your foot swells a lot while hiking.

For anything less aggressive, we use the Salomon GTX. They are my “do anything” footwear. I wear them every day, from a dog walk down the road, most mid-elevation hikes or trails at ski resorts that are open in summer.

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For many years I was a Vasque kind of guy. One pair I replaced the soles 3 times before the leather uppers gave out. I’ve had most other brands at one time or another in 60+ years of hiking. My current shoe is an Oboz trail hiker. I have had them for two years and they are my only shoe. I wear them year round, every day and have hiked at least a couple hundred miles in them. They were comfortable the day I first put them on and they were comfortable for the 3 mile walk this morning. I don’t see them going any time soon. When they finally need to be trashed, I will look for another pair.

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I’m a big fan of Keen boots (and Keen low hiking shoes). My boots have many miles on the trails and in the rivers here in Northern NM. (I wear the boots for wading while I’m fishing). Having said that, fit is everything, so you need to try on and walk around for awhile.

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I have bought the identical pair of boots ( 2 pair) over the last 7 years. Merrel is the brand. I have ankle high boots, waterproof and extremely comfortable, great sole. About $160.

more perspectives the better, I like ezvid for getting a general idea on products I don’t frequently shop for, plenty best of lists out there too of course

fun site to look at

if you want to make your boots best and want them to be comfortable more then 1 years so you need insoles for it. I love hiking but I am a flat feet person when I bought boots I always putt insoles in it these insoles are comfortable and for all type of person for those who have flat feet and also for those who have don’t have flat feet. I always buy best running insoles for feet for affordable mag

I have been wearing Merrell boots. They work really well for me and give me a good 3 years of hard use.