Texas - It's a State of Mind


In Texas we’re blessed to be able to travel, hike, camp and backpack year round.

What’s your favorite destination, in what season and why?

For me, I really enjoy Seminole Canyon in early Spring or late Fall. It’s the perfect time to hike the trails, swim in nearby Lake Amistad or explore the nearby towns and archeological sites for a bit of history. The Summer can be a bit too warm. The Winter is typically too cool to swim or recreate at the lake.

Haven’t done all of Texas, but I think the drive down to Big Bend once you hit the home stretch is one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. Then again, I might have been delirious after pulling two straight 16-hour driving days to get down there :laughing:


I really have enjoyed the McKinney Falls area when visiting south. Best of both worlds with it being close to the city but still able to be its own unique outdoor space. The camping there has always been pretty great and not overly crowded when I have visited in early spring and late fall also. Sometimes it is just nice to see something different than what we have in North Texas.

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I think that the route that you may have taken is called the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Or you may have taken the route along the River Road. Both have great scenery.

McKinney Falls is near me. It is very convenient. I probably visit every other month.


We loved Huntsville State Park in the fall. Smaller trails, fishing, lots of trees, and close to a college town for decent food and drinks. Also enjoyed Martin Dies for a gathering of larger people.

We had just gotten into camping when we moved out of state. Just moved back and am on the hunt for a camper so we can restart adventures post-COVID19.

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When I was a kid our family would go to Huntsville State Park. It might be time for me to revisit. Any tips on the best campsite? :camping:

We really like Prairie Branch because it’s close to a dock for fishing, good lake-side spots and close to a few different trails of varying lengths. My husband could fish and I could go for quick hike. One of these trips I’ll do the whole hike around the lake.

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I have been able to do a good amount of camping in our great state. For family trips, Inks Lake and Dinosaur Valley are on the top of my list. I did Colorado Bend with a buddy a few months back and it was nice, but small. Caprock Canyon was a place I went to in January of 19, and while it was a little cold, it was amazing!!

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We just moved to TX right as COVID-19 hit. On our way to our final destination, we stayed at several places. I was surprised at the Palmetto State Park RV spaces - quite spacious and not on top of your neighbor. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the state.

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Texas has a very diverse geography. It is difficult to say what area has been our favorite camping adventure. One of the most inspiring camping experiences was to Palo Duro State Park. America’s second largest canyon is truly amazing. We absolutely loved the performance of “Texas” outdoor musical. Definitely a bucket list trip.

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Hi TX campers :wave:

Matildas Lakeside Store & RV Park is OPEN as an essential business and we have plenty of spaces available. All welcome. We are located near Bowie TX (about halfway between DFW & Wichita Falls). We are across the road from Lake Amon Carter. Great fishing. Friendly campers. Excellent Service. Please come on by…
p 940 872 3581
e info@matildaslakeside.com


Cool, I wasn’t familiar the Matilddas Lakeside campground. If I’m in the area, I’ll check it out.

Hey Troy, we’d love to have you come and stay. We have spaces available now and we are particularly looking for long term campers. Come by on Fri or Sat nights for great food and once the covid threat is over we intend to start having chicken poop bingo on Saturdays. All good fun.

We’ll have to check this place out the next time we travel in that direction!