Tent sleeping situation for couples

My husband and I have been using a double klymit sleeping pad for a few years. I have liked it enough that I almost bought a double sleeping bag that is compatible with it- and then my husband told me he actually dislikes the sleeping pad and would rather be on a cot without any sort of air mattress.

So… any suggestions for a comfortable/durable double cot? Otherwise I am open to single cot recommendations too. We drive a sedan that is packed to the brim when we camp, so smaller recommendations are appreciated!

Double cots stretch out quickly (unless you both are in the 100lb range. They are very costly and HEAVY. Consider going with two cots. Have you seen these? https://www.thermarest.com/products/cots/mesh-cot/mesh-cot.html There are other similar manufacturers making as well

I think we’ve borrowed that model (or a similar one) before from my in-laws! If I remember correctly they were kind of time intensive to set up. They are now luxury air mattress campers, so I think we will ask to borrow theirs until we find something easier.

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