State parks in louisiana

just did a quick google and found that there are 20 state parks in Louisiana. what are the best ones for camping?

Fountainbleu state park is nice. Trails to bike or hike on lead to Lake Pontchatrain. Also attached St Tammany Trace, a very long bike trail. Play areas for kids

Our favorite is LAke Bruin State Park. It has a dozen or so campsites right on the water, a boat launch ramp, splash pad, clean restrooms and showers and nicely kept.

Fountainbleau is nice but try Tickfaw. It’s certainly smaller but it has more shade and gives the LA swamp / wetlands experience. Fewer deer but more other critters to watch. I’ve seen rabbits, turkey, alligators, some harmless snakes, and when it first opened we saw a bobcat footprint. Lots of birds including banded owls and red tail hawks. The nature center is nice also (not sure if it’s open now). The trails are about half boardwalked. Nice park!

I know you asked for state parks, and our favorites are Fontainbleau and Bogue Chitto, however, do not overlook our National Forest. Kisatchie is really spread out with so many campgrounds to accommodate everyone’s interest.

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In north LA Jimmy Davis, Lake Claiborne and Caddo (TX/LA line) are my favorites, each for different reasons. Further south I like Toledo Bend. Never camped lower than TB.

Late to the thread, but has anybody camped at Poverty Point State Park? It looks pretty nice, any feedback would be great.

Hi there! Louisiana has some amazing state parks that are perfect for camping. While it’s hard to pick just a few, I can definitely recommend some of the best ones.

First up is Fontainebleau State Park, which is located on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. It’s a great spot for camping, hiking, and fishing. The park also has a beach and a nature trail that’s perfect for birdwatching.

Another great option is Chicot State Park, which is located in the heart of Louisiana’s Cajun country. This park offers camping, fishing, hiking, and even a golf course. Plus, it has a beautiful lake that’s perfect for boating and swimming.

If you’re interested in water parks, you might want to check out this article on the best water parks in Louisiana: While these aren’t state parks, they’re still a lot of fun and might be worth checking out if you’re in the area.

I hope this helps, and happy camping!