Starting Campfires

What is your preferred method for starting a campfire if you have one?? I know everyone has their own unique style so let’s all share our best tips, ideas and methods!!!

I have gotten in the habit of keeping my dryer lint throughout the year to pack along for fire starting. I find it works pretty well.


Cotton balls dipped in vaseline is my go to method. However, I’ve been really tempted to purchase one of the torch attachments for the propane tanks, they seem to be very effective.

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I have done this numerous times and it really works!!! I saw it on a hack video and had to try it, loved it so much I made my own small video hack and shared it with my friends…lol…

For car camping and the like, any home made wax fire starter options tend to work easily and are easy to make: small paper cup with dryer lint or saw dust and wax or wax covered pine cones.

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Wax dipped cotton balls or dryer lint with some vaseline rubbed on the top. 5 minutes of good burn and easy to carry. Hasnt failed me yet :slight_smile:

As most of our camping involves at least 4-6 people and two dogs, we chose a while back to supply ourselves with fake starter logs. They light quick and we don’t need kindling really- just wood available at the campground. When I’m just with myself- cotton and petroleum jelly does just fine.

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I do this as well when I have friends who are wanting to do a big campfire but dont have any experience whatsoever in camping…lol… makes them enjoy the fire quicker without all the hassle…lol.

HAHAHA! Thats what I do! But if you soak it in rubbing alcohol & then coat it in a healthy dose of vaseline, it’s great for wet conditions :joy::joy::man_dancing:

I love my homemade starters. A good clump of dryer lint in the bottom of an egg carton. Then i pour some candle wax in each on. Makes 12 staters and they burn great!


Start by sticking a long piece of kindling into the ground above your tinder at about a 30-degree angle, with the other end of the stick pointing into the wind. Then lean smaller pieces of kindling against both sides of the longer piece to build a tent. As the kindling catches fire add more, followed by your firewood.

We use (and we’ve tried lots of things), QuickFIres. They are bits of paraffin like substance pre-wrapped in a cellophane type wrapper. Completely waterproof, lightweight, super easy to light and last about 8-10 min (I’ve tested them/timed them). Reliable every…single…time. No mess of petroleum jelly.

I make my own for home out of egg cartons (cardboard) and sawdust and wax. We use that for home campfires, but the QuickFires are perfectly easy and reliable for a backpack and take up far less room and less mess.

Crumpled up paper towel with some kindling making a teepee over it then adding progressively larger wood log cabin style as it gets going.

We got a bunch of bad and crumbly pellets for our pellet stove. I took old short candles and melted them in a crock pot. I then mixed the crumbly pellets with the melted candle wax, stuffed it in tp tubes, rolled them in old newspapers. They work pretty good for starting camp fires.