Southern wisconsin?

i know most of the states forest land is in the north, but what’s worth visiting in the south?

Everyone loves devils lake, but nearby mirror lake state park is underrated, especially if you have a canoe/kayak. An old fashioned at nearby Ishnala supper club is worthwhile.

Theres’s also Governor Dodge State Park and many corps of engineers rec areas along the Mississippi.

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There is also Yellowstone Lake State Park and Wyalusing State Park. Both have great hikes and Yellowstone Lake is good for swimming and leisure kayaking.

I know this was posted like a year ago, but it depends on what you consider to be south. Kettle Moraine has some great campgrounds: Long Lake, Mauthe Lake, Pike Lake, Ottawa Lake. Bong Recreation Area is decent. I agree with @Krista_T, Mirror Lake is nice (when we were there last there were a ton of raccoons). Devil’s Lake is nice on weekdays (when it isn’t packed). Kohler-Andre is pretty good too. I’ve never camped at Harrington Beach, but we’ve hiked there and the trails are really nice.

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