Solar panels and RVing

Who has solar set up on their RV?

We have (4) 325 watt panels, for a total of 1300 watts, with room for two more panels.
We have (4) 100 amp hour BattleBorn lithium batteries to meet most of our electrical needs - it doesn’t quite cover running both A/C units in triple digit temperatures.

We boondocked with our setup in Quartzsite this past winter. What kind of setup do others have?

We have a very small rig, so our system is also really small but it produces all the energy we need, 100 watt Renogy panel, 50 amp hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and 700 watt inverter. We don’t have an AC unit, really don’t care for hot weather anyway. We chase 70 - 80 degrees for most of the year. Here’s a video of our system, and if you are looking to buy we can get you 10% off with Renogy, just holler.

We try to chase 75 degrees ourselves, but the pandemic kind of killed that for us (for now). We need a bit more power because of our computers, since we work on the road. My husband’s desktop computer has a 750 watt power supply, since he runs video processing software. Right now, the only reason we need power is for A/C.

I hear you! Did you enjoy Quartzite? Did you make it down to Kofa Wildlife Refuge? Such a gorgeous area – we hiked our butts off there last winter. Really enjoyed most of southern AZ and NM and plan to return this winter (if that’s possible with the pandemic).

We’ve stayed put for a couple of months, too, just starting to move around again (a little bit). We work from the road, campgrounds, and parks as well do writing, photography, open houses, seminars, and video production. More details here:

It’s very difficult to run A/C 24/7 with solar, as you just can’t keep up with the energy demand. Our little vintage adventure rig and lifestyle is designed with energy efficiency in mind – we’ve found that 100W of solar power and about 20-30 gallons of propane per year is all we’ve needed for the past 8 years on the road. With that, we’ve been able to work from just about anywhere as well as use public libraries and coffee houses occasionally for a change of scenery or to do alot of uploading of video and photography.

We used to have an average sized house in the mountains of NC and paid $2700 per year for utilities alone. Now, it’s more like $125 per year in our little rig. Also, we drive half as much as we used to, and typically travel all over the continent. We simply couldn’t believe it ourselves when we ran the stats!

We have two of the foldable solar panels for our teardrop. The battery will last about three days without travel between sites, so we purchased these and linked them for extended stays for off road dispersed or back country accessible camping.

I haven’t added solar to ours yet but have researched it. How is your’s setup @rjhoughton?

Are the 4 panels in series with a MPPT controller? I like Victron but they are $$$. The four BB batteries in series would work well for a 48V DC setup with an inverter. Keeps the wire gauge smaller.

would be curious to hear about @rjhoughton 's set up as well