Solar Charger Recommendations

Hello! I am looking for reasonably priced solar charger for a multi day backpacking trip. The one I have diazul solar charger and I haven’t been happy with how quickly it drains and how long it takes to recharge. Anybody have one they absolutely love?

I don’t have any chargers that style but assuming you’re only interested in 5V output (for phones and like devices) then the fold out ones should work. The battery packs with the “built in” panel are useless. Trickle charge at best.

I picked this to show the size (21W one of course) that you can strap to your backpack. This one seems to have decent reviews at least but do you homework :slight_smile:

I received a Goal Zero Nomad as a gift. Honestly, for it’s cost, I expected a lot more out of it. I like that it’s flat and easy to carry, very light weight. However, like the product you currently have, it takes a long time to recharge my phone. So I’d avoid this one.

I typically just use a power bank. The Anker 10,000 m seems to get the job done for me for 1-5 days.

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We absolutely love our Renogy 24K power bank and 30w portable solar panel, both made by Renogy. Here’s a video we made about their portable products. As Solar Ambassadors for them, we are happy to pass along our discount. Use this link: and promo code “FreedomInACan5” Let me know if you have further questions…

I own several solar charging compact panels, including Goal Zero and Renogy, and they do work, but they do take time and decent direct sunlight. I backcountry and bikepacking with multiple power banks. As someone mentioned, Ankers is a solid one. I find that the new iPhones (11) suck powerbanks dry pretty quickly, which is why I tote several.

I have F.dorla 20000mAh solar power bank. I work outside mostly so i rarely have a way to charge my phone. I dont have to worry anymore about battery dying, and the power bank wont die because of the solar charge capability. Another useful feature you can very well use is a powerful LED flashlight. It is convenient at night or during a power outage or other emergencies.

@Vincent_B, I bought one of those under a different name and it worked OK but beware, it’s highly unlikely to actually be 20,000mAh. After I couldn’t get more than about 2 charges of my phone on it I did some research and bought the previous version of this:

I easily get 3 charges on it and it’s about twice the weight of the F.Doria, and that weight is in high quality batteries. I have a way to test battery capacity now but I no longer own the old battery bank.

I’m not saying don’t buy it, if the price is right and it works for you that’s all that matters.