Snakes and gators?

how much do you need to worry about snakes and alligators when you’re camping? what should you look out for as signs of danger?

It all depends where you’re camping and when. I’ve never had any problems with any campsites I’ve stayed. All my camping spots have been drive up though. I’ve stayed in a couple spots within 50ft of a body. Even as much time I spend scouting and hunting or just out walking in the woods I’ve only come across one diamond back and a few moccasins. I will say though I’m normally not looking for them I’m busy looking for animal movement and I always have on either snake boots or snake gaiters.

I have lead camping excursions all over Central Florida and have never had a bit of trouble with either. Most will keep away. We did have a corn snake once try to climb up a warm tent on a chilly day - but it was harmless and as soon as it saw a person it went on it’s merry way. Practice LNT and camp 200 ft from water and gators will not be an issue either. May and June they are most active as mating and nesting is their focus - and if you see baby gators around - give them distance as mom will be close by. Just use common sense and you will be fine!