Sleeping Bag with Liner

Is there a warm weather sleeping bag (not a mummy bag) that has a removeable flannel liner?

I have purchased a few liners on Amazon but the measurements got a little wonky and I found it wasn’t super easy to find liners that matched the sizes of the bags. What i ended up doing later for 2 of our bags was going to Goodwill on dollar day and buying two king size flat sheets and just sewing up the edges on the bottom and half way up the side. (I didn’t use this pattern/site but a quick Google search later it is pretty close to what I did) Honestly… we love those way more than the liners we bought and it is really nice to be able to throw them in the washer!

Before this afternoon, I wouldn’t have had an answer, but I was looking at some of the items on the Eddie Bauer site today and found this convertible bag (though not with a flannel liner):

Wenger / Swiss Gear used to make one in the mid '00s. It was supposed to be an adjustable warm, cool, cold weather bag, and it was terrible at all of them.

I have taken to getting a 30 degree king size rectangle bag, and a large fleece bag. If liner is needed I simply slide the fleece bag inside the cool weather bag. Keeps me good into the teens, and gives me the flexibility the Swiss Gear was supposed to. Open the fleece is good for 70 deg, just to have “something”. Zipped up it is good to about 60. The big bag open is fine in the 50s down to low 30s zipped, fleece in the big bag gets me down to about 15 pretty comfortably. Anything below that and I am indoors anyway, or adding blankets on top…

There are a lot of [good sleeping bags]( in market you should find here

Lost Ranger 3N1 15F (not flannel)