Single Female Motorhome, Bumper, 5th,

Hi there I am new to this I am trying to decide what is best for single 57yr old woman. I am ex military can I have a class B so driving rig is not a problem. What are others starting out with? Thank you for any suggestions.

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I was able to recently convince my wife that buying a camper and hitting the road would be a good idea. In order to get her to “yes”, we started with what would work with the truck we already owned. So we are in a 9000 lbs travel trailer and it is comfortable for two people and a dog.

I just retired from the Air Force, so we have been on the road during my 3 months of terminal leave. Throughout our travels, I have become convinced that I can probably stick with a travel trailer for a few more years, but when I get older I’m not sure I want to deal with the physical demands of hooking up the camper to the truck. There is also a lot of labor intensive camp set-up and tear down. I’m not complaining, I think it’s a fun part of the whole experience, I’m just saying that when I’m 60 years old, I won’t want to deal with the demands.

I must say, I envy the campers who pull-up in their Class A, unhook their toad, push a few buttons and they’re ready to relax. Someday…

That’s exactly my concern I was a mechanic in the Army so I can’t really do all the stuff I use to do. I want to just push the button and be done :slight_smile: I am actually at a beautiful Sequoyah State Park in Okla. Just met a couple they let me take a look at their Jayco Greyhawk 31ft I really liked it. I will keep looking and soon buu thanks for advice my day was 24 yrs A.F. retired CMSGT :slight_smile: thank you and your wife for you service.